You are enough (note to self)

I start this blog on the back of last year’s “try it and see” idea, which was to create a support business for people who run pet care companies. I did create the business, but it never felt ‘right’ to me; the fit was tight and constricting. After 9 months of building, my interest waned and I knew this was not the life I choose.

What followed, was a period of self doubt, malaise and lack of direction. I should point out, that I run a thriving dog services business myself, and that this – plus the rent on my house – give me my necessary income. What I am seeking is a ‘heart’s desire’ kind of work; something to help grow me, and a place where I can benefit and encourage other people.

The truth is, those months of ‘doing nothing’ were actually time spent doing the most important work of all. Moving my internal position from self-doubt to purposefulness, from “I can’t” to “I’ll try”. And in the end, trying is all that we can ask of ourselves.

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You are enough

You are enough
We are bigger than we think. You are enough!

You see, I have known for a long time the premise of what I want to do, I just doubted my capacity to do it, and felt like a fraud, an impostor; a person pretending to be something else. Of course, I wasn’t any of those things, I was just at the mercy of my own inability to look myself in the eye and say, “You are enough!”

What my heart desires to do, is to grow people. To enable people to choose to be whoever they truly are, and do whatever they wholeheartedly want to do. To move myself and – by example – others, from a place of “not enough” to a place of “you are enough”. To a place of trying. So here I am!

Do you feel ‘stuck’ and directionless? Do you struggle to believe that you are enough? The chances are you have a heart’s desire that currently feels too big for you, so you keep it buried. If this resonate with you, then let me know what you think…

Alison x



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