Nuggets from the Self Acceptance Summit

The Self Acceptance Summit is now over, and only available to purchase via the link below. I said I’d send a few more little nuggets of gold that I panned from listening. Please note that these are my notes of what was said so may no be entirely quoted word for word. Here we go:

This first quotation was used in one of the talks. It’s credited to Carl Jung, and I liked it so much that I wanted too include it here: “That which remains (in our) unconscious, occurs in our lives as ‘fate’!” – brackets and emphasis mine.

“We don’t need to feel confident to make our voices heard. We only need to recognise the voice of the inner critic, observe its concerns for our safety and well-being and decide to proceed regardless, knowing we will be okay.”

“It is the human lot to fall short. It is our job to fall short again and again, and to attend to the growth that follows.”

“When we believe – through past rejection and pain – that there is something wrong with us that renders us unlovable. That is shame. It is the flip side of our desire to be loved.”

self acceptance.

“Shame is not your fault – but it is your responsibility.”

“Shame is a universal experience, but we experience it as though we are uniquely bad.”

“There is no wrong emotion. Emotions are not good, bad, right or wrong. We need to give ourselves permission to feel, whatever it is we feel. There is no “should” – even if we feel fly in the face of social norms (eg laughing at a funeral).”

“Criticism is the tax I am willing to pay for living my own life.”

Should is always where my pain begins.”

Self-Acceptance Summit

Self-acceptance is one of the most challenging areas of personal growth—yet when we focus on treating ourselves with kindness and compassion we become healthier, more creative, and far more effective in every area of life. With The Self-Acceptance Summit, you’re invited to learn breakthrough insights and techniques from some of today’s top researchers and teachers. Join us to:

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  • Identify the barriers to self-acceptance and learn how to dissolve them
  • Learn practical exercises for overcoming the toughest self-acceptance obstacles—including the inner critic, body shaming, and more
  • Transform your relationships with others by healing your relationship with yourself
    • Video: Kristin Neff, PhD, on “Easy Self-Compassion Practices to Use When Life Becomes Difficult”

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