Dream of massive oaks but tend your little acorns

How big can you dream? I used to feed a cat for a lady who really knew how to dream big. I was fascinated by the walls of her home that were covered with inspirational quotes, dreams and plans for how to create an abundant future for herself. Needless to say, I have watched her go on to succeed and be exceptional in her field, as she has realised her dreams of abundance. Yes, her dreams were of massive, but boy did she tend to her little acorns.

I’m not good at this! I am not sure why, but I struggle to envisage prosperity for myself, in my work and relationships. I don’t (just) mean prosperity in terms money, I mean abundance and success in the things that I hold dear, such as my relationship with my children, a future romantic relationship and my writing. I have a repeating pattern, in that I have always chosen relationships where I wouldn’t experience abundant love, and I often feel that I deserve to be poor.


This is one part of my life that I really want to journey in… I want to choose abundance. I am pretty damn good at tending acorns. I just never expect them to grow into mature oak trees and I rarely dare to dream. The one thing I do know is that this kind of thing tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What we expect for ourselves is most likely the ceiling of what we will attain.

I’m even uncomfortable writing about this, in case I am misunderstood. You see, I am at heart a minimalist, who is loving living with very few possessions, in a small space. I don’t want to accumulate and own stuff, and I actively don’t want a big house or a fast car or any of the usual trappings of wealth. But yes, I do want abundance in my life. To love fully and give freely, and to nurture little acorns into massive oaks. I want to dare to dream big dreams.

So, if like me, you are uncomfortable about creating aspirational expressions of the abundant life you desire, dare to ask “why?” I say this because I want you to succeed in the life you choose for yourself, just as surely as I want the same for me! But I have a creeping realisation that I need to learn how to joyfully choose abundance, if I am ever going to fully live the life I choose.


As a first step I am going to commit to creating a Post-it journey plan to move me from A to B, where A is now and B is the place where I am dreaming big dreams and choosing abundance in my life and relationships. I suppose in simple terms I mean, I want to choose to live with an open heart and open arms to receive – and share – a plethora of good things. I want to thrive. Watch this space.

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