Live the life you choose

My desire here, is primarily to encourage you on a journey into how to change your life. More accurately, how to actively choose the life you live  – and just as importantly, how to live the life you choose.

how to change a life
You get to decide

My own  journey has taken me through the pain of separation, divorce and loss; my ex-husband of 25 years – and 3 grown up children – died just 5 years after we first separated. One thing that is very clear to me is the catalytic nature of these life experiences. For many of us, re-birth and re-invention follow on the heels of these major life traumas.

If any of these difficulties have been your experience, what better time to learn to choose and to live?

This is a place of nurturing and growth, a place of hope and becoming, a place of safety and strength.

When we sit in the ashes of a broken relationship, a soul destroying career or the death of a loved one, it is a perfect moment to realise that all we really own is one life, and it is ours to live as we choose.

How do I change a life? How do I choose the life I live? How do I live the life I choose? Join me on the journey and together we can discover our answers.